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careGEN | Telecommunications and Bandwidth Buying Group

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Value Proposition

The telecommunications industry has enjoyed significant technological advancement and mass adoption in the last decade. These changes have resulted in a number of implications to buyers of telecommunication services. The founding partners of careGEN have been directly involved in projects and initiatives related to these advancements resulting in a unique set of competencies and expertise.

While careGEN's is organized as a telecommunications and bandwidth-buying group, we approach this business model from the perspective of a network builder and a network integrator. This perspective provides significant opportunities for buying group members beyond traditional procurement and contract negotiation services.

In almost all cases we expect to be able to identify cost-saving opportunities for our members. Cost savings may be extracted through our "Reverse Auction" approach to negotiations with existing and prospective service providers, elimination of services that are not needed, additional scrutiny of service provider billing compared to the original contracts, and the design and implementation of service substitutions.

We also expect to be able to provide value to our members through consulting engagements related to telecommunications and network integration, ensuring that existing bandwidth is being used efficiently and reviewing customer premise equipment (CPE) including phone systems, edge routers, etc for feature and capacity scalability.

careGEN's goal is to support the telecommunications and bandwidth requirements of its members on an on-going basis including quarterly reviews, not just when contracts come due. Our business model, therefore includes an annual membership fee, as well as a "success fee" based on negotiated cost savings on behalf of our members. We believe that this model will ensure that our contributions result in a value proposition to our members' year over year, as well as to ensure the sustainability of the buying group.

Membership Example

First, there are no commitments and initial membership is free! As a member you will immediately gain access to careGEN Member discounts from our network of preferred vendors. If and when you elect to engage careGEN to negotiate on your behalf we will assist in taking an inventory of your telecommunications inventory and facilitate a reverse auction. careGEN only gets paid IF you execute contract we negotiated on your behalf. Download this PDF for an example of the savings that resulted from our engagement with a rural Community Health Center in Missouri.

This particular contract resulted in net savings to our member of over $3,000 even while providing bandwidth upgrades of 19.5Mbps across the network!

Who We Are

Steve Ward, Founder

2009: Helped design a SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) Ring in St. Joseph Missouri for a major cellular provider.

2008: Researched, developed, designed, launched and maintained one of the first Fiber to the Home and to the Business RFOG/PON solution in the Midwest.


Justin Copeland, Co-Founder

2011: Carrier Diverse Routing, Network Traffic Shaping- Designed and implemented LAN/WAN solutions to leverage low-cost, high bandwidth Internet service providers to reserve utilization of higher cost, carrier-class WAN for critical communications.

2011: tNET 2.0- Designed and implemented a multi-tenant private WAN leveraging the capabilities of multiple providers (ATT, Suddenlink, and multiple WAN technologies including MPLS, Optical Ethernet and BGP Internet service.

2010: SIP and SIP to PRI conversion- Implemented SIP into a multi-tenant Cisco UC environment.